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Holden Police buy students, teachers ice cream

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HOLDEN, Maine (WABI) – What better way to cap the week than free ice cream?

Holden Police bought ice cream for more than 100 students and teachers at Holden Elementary as a fun way to welcome the new school year.

Officers walked the kids over to nearby Holden a Kone to enjoy their dairy delights.

We’ll leave it to the kids to tell you more about their big day.

”We’re down here because the cops are welcoming the new second graders,” a student said.

“And we got ice cream and we’re just enjoying it,” another student said.

“Well, I hope they brush their teeth after,” Chief, Holden Police Dept. Chris Greely said. “But, along with that, I hope they realize the police department enjoys interacting with them in a fun way.” “It’s not just about taking someone to jail or writing your dad a speeding ticket or whatever. We care about the community, and that’s the truth.”

Some might call it the cherry on top of a hard week’s work.

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