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Two sisters settling family feud on Big Chef

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Big Chef is a reality show meant for kids to exhibit their great culinary skills.

But this platform means more than a competition for the Akowuah sisters.

For the two – Ama Owusua (eldest) and Adwoa Njedua (youngest) – the Big Chef competition provides them with a perfect platform to settle an age-long argument as to who is the best cook in the family.

They both cleared the first hurdle – the audition – with ease and were selected to be part of the 14 contestants for Big Chef Season 2.

Two sisters settling family feud on Big Chef

“My little sister wants to beat me. We will see about that… well, she can try, but I know I can cook better than her. There’s no denying that, and I know she knows as well. I will win,” Ama said.

But the younger sister, Adwoa, thinks otherwise.

She said, “Most people think Ama cooks better than me. I don’t believe that.”

Friends and classmates of the sisters are not left out of this quest to find who is the best chef. They are all rooting for their respective mates.

“I actually don’t think Adwoa is going to beat Ama because my friend can really cook. I can testify to that,” one of Ama’s friends insist.”

Another friend said, “I can actually testify that Ama is a great chef and Adwoa doesn’t stand a chance.”

“Please vote for Adwoa with all my church and school friends so that she can beat her sister in this competition,” Nancy appealed.

Two sisters settling family feud on Big Chef

However, their mother has left the fate of the daughters in the hands of the judges of Big Chef. She is hoping the two, at least, make it to the Grand Finale of the competition.

“We are so excited to let you know that Ama and Adwoa qualified for the next level. We can’t wait to see what will happen next. We are praying they all get to the final stage of the competition.”

Meanwhile, their younger sister, Afua, is determined to also audition for the Big Chef competition next year.

The ultimate winner of Season 2 will take home a cash prize of GHS10,000, a refrigerator, stove, and amazing products from sponsors, as well as the bragging right as the best kid chef in Ghana.

The first runner-up will walk away with a GHS5,000 cash prize, a fridge, a stove, and products from sponsors.

Also, the 2nd runner-up will win for him or herself a cash amount of GHS3,000, a fridge, stove, and products from sponsors.

The contestant who places fourth will go home with GHS2,000 in addition to a fridge, stove, and products from sponsors.

Season 2 of the Big Chef is proudly sponsored by Frytol Sunflower Oil, Fortune Rice, Indomie, Top Choco, Flora Tissues, Low Price Master, Karen Mouthwash, Perk Biscuit, City Blood Tonic, and Sankofa spices.

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