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I met this man at an event one time. It was one stage play and he came to sit next to me and engaged me in a conversation. Around that time, I had come out of a very painful break up and I was still crying at night over my ex. I just wanted to do something to cheer myself up and that was the reason why I was there. For four years I tried to change my ex because of the love I had for him. He will abuse me and then return to apologise to me with a gift or something I liked. This was the cycle of the relationship for years and I had to let him go that last time because I was afraid he would end up seriously hurting me. So fast forward I met this man at the play and we engaged in a conversation. He took my contact before we parted ways. He even offered to give me a lift but I declined the offer and insisted on taking a troski home.


From that very day, we spoke for not less than 1 hour on the phone. He will call me around 8pm in the evening and we will talk about anything for an hour and even more on weekends. I told him about my break up and how I still think about my ex. He also shared his break up story which was a similar experience. I started looking forward to his callls everyday. Then we went on a date and he took me to what I thought was his house (I will explain later) and we had s*x. After that first time of having s*x, we started dating and I thought I had finally found the right person for me. I was 37 years when we started dating and I was hoping that this man will finally be the man I will marry after experiencing a lot of pain in the hands of men. At a point I even stopped believing in love, but I kept hoping I will meet the right person one day.


He was 40 years when we started and he lied that he had been married once and it didn’t workout so they went their separate ways and he has been single ever since. When I fall in love, I fall really deeply. I don’t know how to be in a relationship half and half. I trust the other person with all my heart and I take their word for it even though men have betrayed me a lot, I still find myself in the same state in the next relationship. So one morning I woke up to 16 missed calls on my phone. The number wasn’t saved and the person called during the midnight. My phone was on silent. When I called back, this woman on the phone started insulting me and hooting at me on the phone. She said she has finally found the number of the woman who is wrecking her home and she started reigning curses on me that I will never be happy if I ever get married and my husband will do the same to me.

I was thinking it must be a mistake so I told her it was a wrong number. This woman just cut the line and sent me pictures of her family. Her husband and herself with their 4 children. Then she sent me a long vn on whatsapp about knowing that her husband was cheating and waiting for a chance to get my number. The woman would have beat me if I was next to her because she was very angry. I was so shocked I didn’t have much to say. I called my ‘boyfriend’ and asked to meet him that day after work. He asked if there was a problem and I said no. That evening, he came to my place and I showed him the pictures his wife had sent to me and he listened to the vn. I was in tears. I couldn’t believe he will do this to me after I had narrated all the bad things men had done to me in the past.


He pretended as if he was an angel, not knowing he was coming to top up my pain. He started apologising and telling me he has fallen for me and he wanted to divorce his wife for me. I sacked him from the house. All this while we have been meeting on Saturdays at a rented chamber and hall he has in town. I thought that was where he stays, not knowing he and his real family stay somewhere else. I tried calling his wife many times but she will cut the call. I sent her a long vn on whatsapp about all the lies her husband told me and the rented apartment he had in town. When she listened, she called me back and set a date to meet me. I was afraid at first, but it was a public place we will meet at so I agreed to it and I wanted her to believe my side of the story. So we met and had a very lengthy discussion. We also drove to the rented apartment her husband stayed in and she had no idea that he had somewhere like that.

After pouring my heart out to this woman, she somehow started to believe me. Now she is saying I should keep dating her husband and play along with it. She said she has a plan, but she doesn’t want to give me the details because she doesn’t trust me entirely yet. All she is telling me is that I should just keep dating him and act as if I believe him when he said he will divorce her. She claims she is planning a revenge that will milk her husband dry and leave him with nothing. I keep asking for details but she said she will tell me when she feels like she can trust me. What should I do about this situation?

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