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We have been married for exactly 1 year 3 months. My wife is pregnant and her due date is in a few weeks. I have done everything for her and I have loved her the best ways I can. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her and we started dating a year later. She used to tell me about a particular ex who broke her heart and he was her first love. When we started planning for the wedding, she didn’t like my idea of a simple wedding so I had to take a loan to marry her and that wasn’t easy for me at all. She demanded we moved from the chamber and hall sc I was renting to a 2 bedroom after we got married. I did all that and more for her just to make her feel at home with me and comfortable. The news I have received from my wife has devastated me so much that one of my best friends is currently staying with me.


My friend is afraid I will do something crazy, so he has moved in temporarily with me. Somewhere last week, I came home from work and saw that my wife has packed her belongings and she wasn’t around. I started calling her several times and there was no answer. I was getting worried. She was heavily pregnant and I started imagining the worst. I called her father and he answered. That’s when the old man told me his daughter was there with them and she said she wanted to stay with them for a while. I didn’t see any problem with that. We discussed that her mother will come and stay with us in a few days. So I found it strange that she didn’t discuss it with me that she rather preferred to go to her parents. I asked to speak to her and I could hear her father telling her to take the phone or else he will tell me. I was wondering what the issue was. My wife never spoke to me and her dad told me to come and see them if I could.

It was evening and I was tired, but something was definitely going on and I wanted to know so I went. They welcomed me nicely and my wife came to sit across me. She couldn’t look at my face. Her father was telling her to tell me and she wasn’t saying anything still. I was becoming impatient. That’s when her father told me that my wife is sure that I am not the father of her unborn baby. Her ex came back from the US several months ago and they were hooking up without my knowledge. Her ex returned to the US and they were still communicating. Now he has returned, and the plan is to come and marry my wife so that he can go back with her and the baby. I couldn’t believe my ears. This was the same ex who broke her heart bitterly. My father-in-law was holding my shoulder and talking to me to calm down so that we see a way to solve it. I was asking my wife if it’s true. Her head was just lowered and she wasn’t saying anything.

I don’t know how I left them and drove back home. I was absent-minded the whole time. I didn’t sleep the whole night and I called my wife again hoping she will tell me it was all a prank. I have never cheated on her. When I chose her, I promised myself to love her and stay committed to her and raise our future children together. I hardly cry. Things don’t move me like that. But for the past couple of days, I lock myself up in my room and cry like a baby. The way out is to divorce her. She wants to go to the US and I am the one holding her down with the marriage. But the kind of pain I am going through is something I cannot even describe. My friend is saying there could still be a possibility that I am the father and that could change a lot so we should do a DNA. We were having sex actively during that time.


I called my wife and told her I needed a DNA test before granting her the divorce and she said it’s not necessary and she knows who the father of the child is. She will give birth very soon and I want you guys to advice me on what to do.

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