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A look at Janet Leigh dating history

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Who is Janet Leigh?

Janet Leigh, also known as Jeanette Helen Morrison, was a well-known American actress, dancer, writer, and singer. For her work in the suspenseful film “Psycho,” she received one of the prestigious Golden Globe awards. For her part in the film, she was also nominated for an Academy Award. She was Kelly Curtis’ and Jamie Lee Curtis’ mother.

Janet Leigh bio

On July 6, 1927, Jeanette Helen Morrison, an actress, was born in Merced, California. Leigh attended elementary and secondary school in Stockton, California, where she graduated at the age of 15 after skipping a few grades.

She attended the College of the Pacific to study psychology and music. She married twice when she was young, first to John Carlyle in 1942 (who was later divorced), and then to Stanley Reames in 1946. (they divorced in 1948).

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Janet Leigh career

Before she started acting, Leigh appeared as a guest on a local radio program. The Cresta Blanca Hollywood Players was a relatively modest dramatic anthology. The first radio appearance was made in the 1946 radio play “All Through the House,” which aired on December 24.

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The first radio show appearance was made on December 24 in the year 1946 in the production “All Through the House.”
In her first acting job, Leigh played Van Johnson’s love interest in the high-budget film “The Romance of Rosy Ridge” in 1947. She landed this part while delivering the lengthy lines written for ‘Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo’ starring Phyllis Thaxter.

Leigh’s name was initially altered to “Jeanette Reames” during the shooting, and then it was changed back to “Janet Leigh.” However, because of how much this name sounded like Vivien Leigh, it was once more altered to her given name, “Jeanette Morrison.” However, Johnson did not appreciate her maiden name, thus it was permanently changed to “Janet Leigh.”

Leigh chose to leave college after making her film debut, but a few days later, she enrolled in night classes at the University of Southern California. This happened in 1947.

Following the release of “The Romance of Rosy Ridge,” she was chosen to star alongside Deborah Kerr and Walter Pidgeon in the movie “If Winter Comes in the Year 1947.”

In August 1947, Johnson and Leigh made the decision to reunite for a role in “The Life of Monty Stratton” following the success of “The Romance of Rosy Ridge.” However, the movie was never completed, and in 1949 it was eventually published as “The Stratton Story,” with actors including June Allyson and James Stewart.

In Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 thriller “Psycho,” Leigh played the ethically dubious Marion Crane, one of the actor’s most well-known characters. She appeared in this film alongside Anthony Perkins and John Gavin.

She played the lead in the most famous scene from “Psycho,” in which her character was fatally shot in the shower. It was a significant departure from the common practice of the era, which called for actors to pass away much later in the film, if required. She was nominated for an Academy Award for best supporting actress and won a Golden Globe for best actress in a supporting role.

Her career started to wane in the 1960s, and she started appearing in few movies in minor supporting roles. She co-starred with Frank Sinatra in the 1962 film “The Manchurian Candidate” and with Paul Newman in the 1966 film “Harper.” Additionally, she had brief film and television series appearances.

Janet Leigh spouse

On August 1st, 1942, Leigh wed John Kenneth Carlisle. Leigh was just 15 when they got married, but she lied and said she was 18, even though John was 18 at the time. Due to this, the marriage only lasted four months and was dissolved on December 28 of the next year, 1942.

On October 5, 1945, she wed Stanley Reames once more. This time, she was 18 years old. The marriage lasted for over 4 years till she was ultimately divorced on September 7th, 1949.

When Leigh decided to tie the knot with actor Tony Curtis, it was her third marriage. Kelly and Jamie Lee, her two children, were born to her. Later, both of their daughters achieved fame as actors.

She and Curtis divorced in 1962 after he served her with divorce papers while they were filming “The Manchurian Candidate.”

Leigh later wed Las Vegas stockbroker Robert Brandt, who was also successful. She and he were married for 42 years till she passed away in 2004.

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