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5 perfect outfit ideas for bridesmaids

by sensie
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Being a bridesmaid doesn’t mean you have to wear an ugly outfit.

Bridesmaids should look as beautiful as the bride, yes we get it not more beautiful than her, but they shouldn’t be looking like low-budget housemaids.

That’s why we came up with the perfect bridesmaid inspiration.

1. Shimmer and shine


This shimmering outfit with the gather by the side is an excellent bridesmaid outfit, especially if the color of the day is brown.

2. Lilac halterneck


A soft lilac halter neck gown is a great look for a bridesmaid.

3. Go silk


A silk dress is always beautiful, and it looks great on every body type.

4. Midi gown


A mid length gown is fresh and fun. It looks great especially when paired with pumps.

5. Off shoulder gown


No matter what anyone says an off-shoulder gown is always a good idea, it’s classy and beautiful.

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