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Dear men, here are 5 sexual fantasies women often have

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Everyone has fantasies, whether they want to admit them or not. Some fantasies come true, others are simply in the mind.

Apart from the regular and monotonous sex routine, women have strange and sexy fantasies that they want to fulfil, from time to time.

Here listed are some of the sexual fantasies that women like to dream about a lot.

Women love to have the role-play fantasy play out in their heads where they are either the dominating one or the submissive one. Role-playing is a very exciting aspect of sex that can make any boring sex routine very thrilling.

Many women dream about having sex in a place where it is incredibly difficult to do so. But the thrill of doing it or getting caught is what gets their adrenaline pumping. Places such as the library, public washroom etc. are places where women try to have sex at least once in their lifetime.

There’s just something about a threesome that people usually can’t resist. Women have this fantasy of having a threesome with their partner and another person. Getting two people to attend to your body and make you writhe in pleasure is immensely sensual.

Most women dream of having a steamy office romance where they can get dirty and down on the office table. Something about this gets the blood pumping and having sex in the office in secret is very exciting.

Women love it when their partner is the one in control. Especially when they are out in a public place and the woman’s partner is the one who directs her accordingly. This is an extremely sexy scenario for some women as they love the concept of being the submissive one in certain situations.

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