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Many men shy away from pertinent conversations – Kofi Hayford

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Joy Prime’s BMPS show host, Kofi Hayford, has opined that societal beliefs have moulded men into avoiding some vital conversations about life.

He spoke to ‘Prime Morning‘ host Roselyn Felli, on Wednesday, July 20.

According to the ‘potbellied’ character in the BMPS show, Ghanaian men encounter certain difficulties in articulating their innermost thoughts. “When men meet, they talk about so many stuff but there are people who would shy away from those conversations in the public domain”, he disclosed.

Kofi Hayford, who is also the host of ‘The Overdrive’ on Joy FM, believes that men should be able to let out their feelings and address issues that affect them in real life without fear of prejudice.

The young broadcaster shared with viewers, what the show will discuss in its next episode and cited it as a topic that men would ordinarily avoid. “This Friday… we‘re asking our viewers and also discussing on the show, ‘should women be the only focus of satisfaction during sex?’”, he quizzed.  

“It’s a topic I know a lot of people are not going to want to talk about when they meet their friends, but on the BMPS show, we say it as it is” Kofi added.

Joy Prime’s all-men talk show dubbed ‘Bald, Muscled, Potbellied and skinny’ (BMPS), entered its second season after it was first premiered on March 11, 2022. It features a group of outspoken men who are all going through varied life experiences, which include running nightclubs, new marriages, and experiencing single life. They also share information about their various encounters which feed the show with interesting stories.

Its host and panel members were selected based on the varying physical appearances of men (Bald, Muscled, Potbellied, and Skinny) in society, to connote the different and unique perspectives that men possess. The BMPS show treats topics ranging from the week’s news, to fashion, relationships, sex, education, etc.

The ‘Bald, Muscled, Potbellied, and Skinny’ (BMPS) show airs on Joy Prime TV every Friday at 9:00pm.

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