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Moaning during sex: Here’s why this may be the spice your sex life needs

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Moaning can also be used to seduce a partner. As sex has various senses that are stimulated, moaning arouses one sexually through the sense of hearing.

Moaning is not gender specific. Both men and women moan.

Sexual arousal plays a very important role in enhancing mood and helping to reach orgasms.

Moaning is one of those primal responses that happen when you let go of your inhibitions and simply experience the moment. That, in itself, will make sex better for you which in turn, will probably turn your partner on even more.

Moaning is super sexy and it shows that it’s a positive experience

People want to feel like they’re doing a good job in bed. It’s highly erotic to hear confirmation. Shout out to all my words of affirmation peeps out there who could basically orgasm just from hearing someone else’s pleasure.

Studies have shown that moaning during sex is not a measure of an orgasm.

Pleasurable satisfaction, according to most women surveyed, turned out to be the most common cognitive sign of orgasm. However, emotional intimacy and shooting sensations, which are highly talked about otherwise, were the least common.

And when it came to body sensations, ‘extragenital sensations, genital sensations and spasms, nociceptive sensations and sweating’ were the winners. Here. anal contractions and moaning found the bottom spot.

However, that is not to say that every woman who may be moaning during sex may be faking an orgasm

Moaning is not a requirement for good sex, so if you are not feeling it, skip it.

However, if moaning is the game spice for your partner, give it a try. This might be one of those sexy solutions that work for everyone.

Ways to increase your sexual pleasure

Self-exploration can make you more familiar with your body, pleasure and your needs.

Arousal through all your senses, foreplay, caressing, moaning and sex talk, play an important role in the intensity of the sex.

Emotional attachment with someone who you are having sex with takes it up by another notch.

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