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Show Us Where The Money Is Going

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Popular media personality Johnnie Hughes has questioned president Nana Addo over the 30% allegedly slashed from the salaries of political appointees.

A few days ago, it was reported that the president, during a ceremony announced that about 30% of salaries have been slashed from the salaries of political appointees in order to save money for other developmental projects.

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This announcement from the president comes after they announced that Ghana was going back to the International monetary fund (IMF) for financial assistance. The president’s decision was made following severe backlashes the government received from citizens.

Amidst the back and forth, media personality Johnnie Hughes has taken to his Twitter page to ask the President where the monies will be “going” after it has been taken off the salaries of the appointees. He also asked for projects the monies will be used for.

Johnnies further suggested to the president that the slashed monies from the salaries of appointees should be placed in a separate bank for accountability’s sake and also to use that to gain the trust he lost from Ghanaians.

He tweeted, “Dear @NAkufoAddo: 30% salary cut is laudable. However, you must show us where the money is going and what it would be used for. Can’t we create a separate account for it, so that the CITIZENS can follow the money for you to win back public trust? #CommunityConnect#JohnniesBite

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source: www.ghgossip.com

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