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We need to talk about Burna Boy’s distinct style and eccentric fashion

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When we first met Burna Boy in 2009, we met him on the set of his music video, ‘Like to Party’. He didn’t have dreads on and wore a multicoloured shirt. In another shot, he wore a simple grey long-sleeve t-shirt.

On the set of another music video, ‘Yawa Dey’, Burna wore a shirt with colourful prints, shorts and a bucket hat; he still had the style of an upcoming artist.

Burna shot to stardom with his album, ‘Outside’ released in 2019; and that was the birth of Burna Boy in long dreadlocks and a very distinct style.

When we think of Burna Boy fashion, the first thing that comes to our mind is his eccentricity. We have his sister and stylist, Ronami to blame or thank for that, depending on the occasion.

Another word to describe Burna Boys’ style is chaotic. Burna Boy at the BET Awards 2019 wore a two-piece with two belts.

Even though in recent times, we see him curate a coherent look in terms of colour and prints and move away from bomber jackets that were his style previously to two-piece trouser and shirt.

Nowadays, a calmer Burna Boy can be found on the cusps of his album ‘Love, Damini’. Sticking to one colour scheme and fewer prints yet, maintaining a personality and refusing to bore us style-wise.

Burna Boy and perhaps his stylist attempts to grab our attention with every outfit he wears as if to say, ‘Here is a rock star, here is a superstar.’

His look for his Grammy 2021 performance was a suit with feathers and a sleeve that looked like it was falling off. He wore a similar outfit to the BBMAs

But he never lets go of looking quirky.

He trended recently for wearing a crop top and cowboy jeans. He was compared to Gen Z musician Ayra Starr.

One thing you will always catch Burna Boy wearing is free-fitting clothes

He wears a lot of colour like in ‘Vanilla’ music video where he wore a neon shirt.

He also fond of boots and an unbuttoned shirt. Last last, we cannot deny that Burna is a fashion icon in his own right.

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