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Agradaa Challenges Nogokpo Shrine ; Announces Her Intention To Destroy It

Evangelist Mama Pat Agradaa, has openly challenged the Nogokpo shrine and its practices, declaring her intent to dismantle their gods.
Nana Agradaa's TV

Evangelist Mama Pat Agradaa, known for her controversial statements and actions, has responded to the ultimatum issued by the elders of Nogokpo to Archbishop Charles Agyinasare.

The town of Nogokpo, renowned for its powerful shrine, summoned Agyinasare, accusing him of defaming their town as the demonic headquarters in the Volta Region.

While the decision of whether Agyinasare will honor the summons remains uncertain, his church, Perez Chapel International, has initiated a week of fasting for divine intervention.

However, Agradaa has unexpectedly diverted attention to herself by making audacious claims.

During her Sunday sermon at the Heaven Way Church, Agradaa insinuated that Nogokpo elders targeted Agyinasare because they perceive him as weak.

She boldly stated that if they were to challenge someone like her or her church, she would record the challenge with cameras and forcibly storm the Nogokpo temple to destroy their deities. This was obviously an attempt by her to demonstrate her own strength.

Agradaa passionately refutes the idea that gods like Nogokpo, Antoa Nyama, or Anyanta possess any kind of power. Her outspoken remarks and willingness to challenge well-established religious institutions have previously attracted a lot of attention.

How Nogokpo will react to Agradaa’s audacious challenge is still unknown. The resolution of this scenario could have significant ramifications for religious freedom and coexistence in Ghana as tensions between religious leaders and traditional traditions increase.


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