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Cheating girlfriend determines genuine boyfriend on Shark boy YouTube Show

By calling both of her boyfriends on the "Campus with Shark Boy Show" a cheating girlfriend was able to confirm which one of her Boyfriends was the Genuinely in areal room with her, by making this public spectacle, she was not only putting her infidelity on display but also involving the public in her personal affairs.That was what the show is all about.

However, the purpose of this display was to reveal the truth about which one of her boyfriends was the authentic one. It's possible that the cheating girlfriend had been unsure about the true identity of one of her boyfriends or that both men had been claiming to be the "real" boyfriend.

By calling both men on the show, the girlfriend was able to identify the genuine boyfriend, likely through questioning or other means of identification. The public nature of this reveal may have caused embarrassment and pain for all parties involved, but it may have been the only way for the cheating girlfriend to come clean and make a final decision about her relationship.

Other ladies were interviewed and from what it was you shouldn’t your boyfriend shouldn’t prevent you from meeting your husband.

Watch the full show below:

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