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Famous Pan-Africanist Timo Media says Africa can be strong without help from Europe.

Timo Media, a well-known TikToker and Pan-Africanist, has confidently said that Africa can survive without European help. He thinks Europeans and Americans are mistaken in believing they are helping Africans because, in reality, Africans are the ones helping them. He says Africans were surviving before Europeans arrived.

In a short viral video seen on TikTok by News Ghana, Timo Media strongly says that 1.2 billion Africans can't live on just 100 million dollars, which Europeans say they're giving as aid. He adds that Europeans are only giving a small part of the 500 billion dollars they take from Africa.

Timo Media asks why good African leaders like Laurent Gbagbo, Muammar Gaddafi, and Magufuli were removed. He believes Europeans want Africa to have bad leaders so they can steal. When they steal money, they take it to Europe and America.

According to Timo Media, even though Africa has Black leaders, some of them think like Europeans. He says Africans are actually helping Europeans and Americans instead of the other way around.


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