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23-Year-Old Man Allegedly Drugged and Anally Assaulted by Late-Thirties Man Known as Nana in Ghana

A man believed to be in his late thirties only known as Nana has allegedly drugged and had anal sex with a 23-year-old boy.

The incident, which happened on Saturday, April 29, 2023, at Dawhenya in Accra has led the victim, James Akwedzeso losing his consciousness.

“I am not myself. When I touch my body it takes a while before I can feel the touch,” he told crimecheckghana.org.

According to Akwedzeso, a painter, the suspect is a tenant in his boss’s house which he frequented.

The victim said when the suspect saw him for the first time, he told him that he was going to help him make his life better.

Nana then went ahead to request the victim to have intercourse with him.

Akwedzeso was not happy with the demand but later ended up in Nana’s room on that fateful Saturday while it was raining. The suspect then took advantage of the victim after smearing an ointment under his nostrils and on his back.

“On Saturday, they had brought some chairs for a party so Nana asked me to help offload the chairs. It started to rain while we were working so together with the other boys we sought refuge in Nana’s room but eventually, the rest left and I stayed back,” he recounted the ordeal.

‘I was lying on the couch in the hall watching TV whiles Nana was in his bedroom. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my back and later under my nostrils with an ointment.

Akwedzesu said he was sedated after the act and Nana had sexual intercourse with him.

‘When the act was going, I felt like I was having intercourse with a lady, he said.

The victim has since lost consciousness.

After the act, the suspect continued to invite the victim to have intercourse with him but has not been successful.

“The following day, Nana continued to send me text messages to have intercourse with him. Strangely I went into his room but I ran immediately when some people entered the room, he narrated.

Akwedzeso later confided in his boss on the issue and reported the case at the Dawhenya Police Station.

Nana has been arrested but reports indicate that relatives of the suspect are finding ways to sweep the matter under the carpet.

Crime Check Foundation (CCF) has promised to follow up on the issue to get justice for Akwedzeso.

By Rudolph Nandi


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