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Scammer being blackmailed

I received a message on Telegram from someone who claimed to have a wealthy client, a lesbian, looking for a girlfriend. The person asked me to chat with her and promised to pay me for it. I agreed and we exchanged pictures. However, she kept insisting on receiving my naked videos, which I eventually sent. She then asked for my Telegram account and I gave it to her. 

One day, a guy messaged me claiming to have my video and demanded money in exchange for not leaking it. I was terrified and told him I didn't have any money. He began to blackmail me, threatening to leak the video if I didn't pay him. I became so anxious that I deleted the Telegram app. 

Last week, someone messaged me claiming to have sent me a hundred cedis, but I denied it. The person then revealed that he had my videos and that the lesbian was actually a guy who had access to my contact and was now sending the videos to my contacts for money. I am extremely depressed and feel like there's no way out. I am constantly thinking about death and feel like I'm losing my mind. I desperately need help.

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