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Golden Movie Awards Cancelled-Mimi Andani Sadly Announces

The CEO of the Golden Movie Awards, Mimi Andani, has sadly revealed that the awards program will no longer take place due to financial difficulties. During an interview on Joy FM's Showbiz A-Z with Kwame Dadzie, she explained that the event did not occur last year because she had depleted her funds.

Golden Movie Awards Cancelled-Mimi Andani Sadly Announces
Mimi Andani

“We were investing our own money for seven years. I am telling you that our budget is almost about 600,000 to 800,000 cedis anytime we are doing the awards. Nobody knows how we get the awards done. Nobody know how we flew all those actors from other countries to Ghana. All they know is to criticize but have you asked yourself when you look at the award do you even see one major sponsor?” she asked.

Despite making efforts to attract sponsors, she expressed her disappointment that corporate Ghana had not offered any assistance.

“We did well. We did great shows, and perfect productions. We made sure we did the right things to attract the right productions, but still zero. There is just no support when it comes to our industry,” Mimi said.

As a result, the "Leave Me Alone" singer has made the decision to discontinue organizing the awards.

“As I stand here I don’t think I am ever going to do Golden Movie Awards again. Because I have invested for seven years, my money is gone. No company is willing to sponsor me,” she announced on Showbiz A-Z.

On her Instagram page, she wrote;

Oh yes! Unfortunately I don’t see how we are going to organize the event again @goldenmovieawards

It was a dream for Ghana to also be the Centre where Africa is yearning to be for movie awards every year, We actually made it happen and many countries around Africa participated for 7yrs I.e Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, sierra leone, Morocco’s etc! The list kept increasing every year in terms of participation from various parts of the continent

We invested in the industry for 7yrs and there has been close to zero support with “SPONSORSHIP”
Interestingly the massive support rather is from the actors and industry players and especially Jury members!

Apart from few companies who sponsored once or twice with their products @starbeer_gh (Not Cash) and @maltaguinnessgh Guiness with a small amount (we appreciate), there has not been any major support to at least take half our cost for 7yrs

We appreciate individuals like @hrhoscaryaodoe who donated and supported our nominee announcement in Ivory Coast and @faddick who donated to the scheme once ,but how long could we go asking donations from individuals who just did their best to support but have other responsibilities too

Companies who are capable are not willing to support the movie awards industry and investors like us can’t keep investing in where there is no progress( it’s not like we are millionaires or something)

The actors, directors, producers and film lovers especially have been our biggest support and motivation for all these years, every year some actors and producers will call and text that “We should Never Give up” and that the industry and Ghana is blessed to have such a prestigious and credible scheme happening every year and especially putting Ghana on the map through our film awards.

Unfortunately I am sorry to disappoint the people who believed in us that We have GIVEN UP!

LIGHTER NOTE : (😂😂😂) Oh yes in life if you follow these motivational speakers and keep pushing where there is no button , you will end up on the streets investing wrongly. There is time for everything so there is a time to GIVE UP and re strategize

Thank you and there will more events coming from US

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