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 endurance grand

Endurance Grand, a member of the dance group Dance With a Purpose Academy and an excellent football player, claimed in an interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso that she was forced to give up her dream of becoming a professional footballer despite the numerous advances made toward her by coaches and other people in positions of authority.

Endurance, who was raised in Nigeria but was born in Ghana, claimed to have played for some teams in both West African nations before having to give up the sport. She added this when discussing her clothing choices.

“I’ve always been conformable in guys’ stuff. It’s not because I used to play football but this is how I love dressing,” she noted. “I just love wearing masculine stuff.”

“I used to play football in Nigeria and Ghana, I was a professional but not on the national team level. I played Anlo Ladies in the Volta Region and a league team in Nigeria.”

“I stopped playing because it wasn’t working for me. It didn’t work; not because I’m not a great footballer; I think you might have the talent to do something but then it’s not your purpose. I faced a lot of challenges from coaches, from higher authorities that wanted to make advances; they wanted to get into my pants to get me to the top and that wasn’t me,” Endurance claimed.

Meanwhile, Endurance has emphatically stated that she is “into men” as she responded to concerns about her sexuality considering how she is fond of dressing like a man.

“They have that stereotype. I’m straight, I’m straight as an uncooked spaghetti. There are guys that like women who dress like men,” she said, adding that she is a tomboy.

“I don’t dress like this all the time. Sometimes, the work I do makes me go out of my comfort zone to dress feminine,” said Endurance who is “currently single and not ready to mingle”.

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