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We dated for over two years before I met my girlfriend’s twin. Although they’re identical, they’re not close like that. I soon came to learn that they had very different interests. Her twin is also a nurse who was working in Kumasi before she got a transfer to Accra. I wanted to meet my girl’s family after a year together but she always had excuses and reasons. Her number one reason was that her parents were strict and she had to be sure that this relationship will lead to marriage before I met them. Meanwhile, I had already sent her home and she had met my family. About 6 months ago, I told her about my intentions to go and do the knocking and officially ask for her hand in marriage. She was very happy about it. She had told me all about her family. I knew she had a twin sister and a younger brother and I had seen pics of them, but after seeing her sister in person, I can say that the pics didn’t do justice to her. The day I went to do the knocking with my family, her sister was not there. It was just her parents and brother.

But I started to frequent her house. It was obvious as all identical twins were, that one is quiet and the other is outgoing. Even though they look the same, the outgoing one is always nicer. These are just my thoughts though. The sister later got a transfer to Accra, so she came back to staying home. Anytime I paid my girl a visit, her sister was not around. She had gone to work, a program or to a friend’s place. But one day I saw her and saw that she is the one I want rather. They look alike ooo, but she is carrying more load than my girlfriend. She really has a nice figure and I liked how chatty she was. For someone who was seeing me for the first time, I liked her personality so much. She is so free with everyone and everyone knows her in the area. When she steps out, she will talk to this person and wave at that person. My woman is the exact opposite. She is too much of an indoor person and if she is not going to work or church, you won’t even see her outside.

I love my woman a lot, don’t get me wrong. But I just wish she had her sister’s personality. She would have been just perfect too if she had a little bit more body like her sis. I think I want her sister. I haven’t asked if she is single or not but I am sure I want her sister. But now that I have already done knocking for her, it will be hard for me. As for how I’ll get her sister to like me, I don’t have a problem with that. I can be patient and persistent if I want something and I always get it. The problem is if I breakup with my girl now, I can’t date her twin sister. It’s not even done between friends. My paddy is telling me to just focus on my girl and marry her since we have dated for almost 3 years now. But hmmmm.

The summary of my problem right now is that I want her sister. Simple and short. Like I have fallen in love with her sister. She is my type in both her personality and her body. Both are identical and beautiful but her sister is a little bit more thick than her and more friendly too so I want her. I’m 29 and they’re both 27. What should I do about this?

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